Consumer fireworks stand and Class C fireworks display company in South Dakota

Finnishline Fireworks Stand near Aberdeen-SD 2 miles north of Frederick on hwy 281

Fireworks stand near Aberdeen SD

Located just 28 miles north of Aberdeen SD on Hwy 281 from the south or only 5 miles from the North Dakota border.  You’ll find a HUGE selection of fireworks available for your 4th of July celebration packed into this little red granary.

While we’re open from June 27 – July 5, the Mikkonen family works for months preparing for the next selling season.  Going to fireworks demonstrations where  all the newest and latest products are showcased is a priority.  If they can’t make the demo, they likely know someone that did to give them tips and advice on what to buy and what not to buy.  In addition to a great number of assortments, this fireworks stand carries all the staple fireworks and a number of cherry picked items getting the best of the best when possible, from Artillery shells, roman candles, fountains, rockets, firecrackers, smoke balls and their favorite, the multi-shot cakes.

Professional fireworks display

If you’ve got a wedding, 125th celebration, or any special event, a great fireworks display is the ideal way to highlight your event.  Finnishline Fireworks has done shows for events from graduations and weddings to huge community celebrations.  They have a great variety of fireworks to fit any budget.  Check out the video below and then give them a call to book your next event.

Dickey County Fair Fireworks Show 2010 from Finnish Line Fireworks on Vimeo.