All Red Fireworks

Say “I Love You” with All Red fireworks

Many people are looking for heart fireworks or heart shaped fireworks, but there aren’t a plethora of those available.  If that’s the case, another option is to put together a series of fireworks that have a red effect that give the impression of heart fireworks or feeling of hearts due to everything being red.  You can even add some music with a red theme, like “Lady in Red” by Chris Du Burgh, “Red, Red Wine” by UB40 or Neil Diamond, or even a song with a heart theme like “A Room in my Heart” by Faith Hill or “I Cross my Heart” by George Straight and do a display of all red fireworks.  Some examples of all red fireworks would be:

  • Red Alert by Cannon,
  • Flood Red by Brothers,
  • Dragon by World Class,
  • Cherry Drop by Red Rhino,
  • Red Razzle by Victory,
  • Mammoth Red Strobe by Dominator fireworks
  • Gorilla Warfare by World Class (not all red, but contains a lot of red)
  • Fighting Rooster by World Class (not all red, but contains a lot of red)

If you would like to order some of the all red fireworks listed or have questions call Krysti at Finnish Line Fireworks in South Dakota today at 605-380-3770.

Heart Fireworks

heart fireworks heart sparkler

There are not very many heart fireworks available that create the shape of a heart, but there are a few.    Two of the biggest sellers for us are the heart shaped sky lantern and the heart sparklers.

The heart fireworks are a perfect symbol of love and ideal for a number of events:

  • Weddings
  • Engagements
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Anniversaries
  • Just to say “I Love You”

If you are looking for something bigger than an lantern or a sparkler and you want more of a display, you can do a number of things.  You can build a heart shaped vertical structure, fill it with small fountains, sparklers or flares that are glued or securely fastened to the structure,  fuse it all  together and light it.  This will last a longer than a mere single sparkler and create a much bigger impact.

Check out all red fireworks as a way to express your love if you can’t find any heart fireworks.

If you would like to order some heart shaped sky lanterns, red sparklers or have questions call Krysti at Finnish Line Fireworks today at 605-380-3770.